Consulting services

Today, it is not possible to start a business without using software technologies. Artemis Consulting Company provides consulting services and implementation of software solutions for your business by gathering top computer experts from all over the world. These services will be provided online or at the customer's site.

Software solutions

We help companies active in the field of software to stay ahead of the competition by using the experiences of experts in the field of technology. Move with us on the edge of technology
We will find a solution or create a solution


Some careers look for a rigorous mindset. Others ask for creativity. We don't think you should have to settle. As a business analyst at Arthur D. Little you’ll work on well-defined tasks of each assignment with the close support and guidance of your manager to make a positive impact from day one

Our IT Consulting Services cater to various industries


Automating the complicated processes by Quick payment settlements and drive speed and security to financial transactions


Improving healthcare services for patients and healthcare professionals by automating health checks with reduced cost and time.

Retail & E-Commerce

IT consulting company With an engaging digital solution, innovate the shopping experience for your customers and business

Travel & Hospitality

Developing custom travel technology solutions to make traveling more efficient and comfortable for passengers, parcels and personnel.


Utilizing the latest technology to simplify logistics processes and minimize operational hurdles


Delivering custom software solutions to automate production processes and reduce operational cost


Converting business ideas into user-friendly technology solutions for startups with the next level of innovation


Digitize the automotive industry with connected mobile apps to manage vehicles remotely and enhance the manufacturing process

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Your Role

Gathering facts and analyzing data from various sources

Extracting key messages from your research in a clear and concise way

Assisting the team in building presentations and reports

Providing input in client meetings regarding your own work

Interacting with customers during workshops and interviews

Your Profile

Possess the necessary analytical skills

Have a good sense of professionalism, making you a credible partner in the eyes of the client

Have the right interpersonal skills to be an effective part of our case teams 

Have the right interpersonal skills to be an effective part of our case teams 

adapting rapidly to the diverse environments you will be exposed to

Our Software Consulting Services

Software Integration & Enhancement Consulting

We help you augment existing software application, enhance their features and value and transform it with emerging technologies like blockchain, IoT, AI and cloud computing. We ensure to make your solution more secure and scalable than before

Software Launch Consulting

We help you plan a new software solution (mobile, web, desktop or SaaS) or assess your existing solution for enhancements. Our Software Consulting Experts assist you in choosing the right tech stack, improve designs and estimate expected ROI and time and costs

Software Compliance Consulting

Our aim is to develop and deliver industry-grade custom software applications that comply with standards and regulations. We help you make software development and QA processes compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Technology Stack Identification

If you have no idea or do not have time to explore which technology fits better for your business, we are here to guide you in selecting the right technology to scale your business to a new level of market edge.

Our Success Stories

Multi-Room Speaker Controls App

RIVA is a powerful multi-room audio solution controlled by iOS and Android devices to stream multiple speakers without any acoustic latency. Our team of developers, designers and architect teamed up with the OEM and platform provider to offer a robust and scalable app experience.

Working In Consulting

We have a passion for the digital world, enthusiasm for technology,
and a really great team.

We are Artemis.Nice to meet you!